Cubism for your Ears


At the beginning of the twentieth century, french painters created cubism, thereby conceptually releasing themselves from the established rules of painting. A hundred years later, 3 musicians from Regensburg, Germany, find themselves thinking „we sound kind of like what this looks like...“


Atlas Cube have released their eponymous debut EP, featuring four original songs. The instrumental progressive-rock trio fuses intrigate grooves, virtuoso guitar solos and busy bass licks to create a savory sound, in some places refined by a pinch of synth-sounds.


Martin Mies (guitar), Sebastian Beer (bass), and Helmar Weiß (drums, keyboards) celebrate bold unison riffing, extended melodic sections, and refined harmonic structures. Their musical mix includes various playing techniques, rhythmic variations, motive developments, and ranges of dynamics; every influence is fair game. Nevertheless, they constantly thrive not to drive the listeners into the despair of Zappa-esque frenzy, but instead use audible images and vibes to lead them into a Cube-istic zone of sound.